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VRtex Studios


Virtual reality is the future of communication


What We Do

Making 3D avatars is ridiculously difficult right now. To have an avatar you enjoy, you must at least learn Blender, Unity, and Substance Painter to a professional level. This is extremely out of reach for most people. At VRtex Studios, we make that avatar creation process easier than anywhere else without sacrificing any of the quality. 

We do this by supplying our users with a marketplace that is filled with assets from the best 3D creators in the community. Users are able to pick through our marketplace for whatever they would like. In real life when you buy an item you can immediately put it on and wear it, we make that possible in virtual reality.

Our Vision

Going across the world and traveling is extremely expensive. However, it is amazing to experience other cultures and see how people act in different parts of the world. We believe the way to connect people around the globe is through Virtual reality.

Virtual reality allows the use of body language, high-quality voice fluctuation, and facial expressions. With more senses coming each year. This is essential to humans and allows people to actually enjoy their experience because they are not just looking at a screen. They are looking, talking with, and making memories with a person.


If you are interested in helping VRtex succeed in bringing the earth closer together we would love for you to use the software! Any feedback is amazing for us. You can do this by joining Discord! If you are an investor or would like to help fund VRtex Studios we are currently in our seed round and would be happy to talk and work with you.

Open Positions

VRtex Creator

Want to become a VRtex Creator? You must make assets from scratch 2D or 3D

  • You will be able to publish your assets to our secure from-scratch online marketplace

  • Any asset published will be able to be bought and used by anyone in VR, not just people who know Blender and Unity

  • We are the first secure online marketplace for 3D assets.

Since we built the entire pipeline to sell assets and put them on the avatar, we know that any asset put on a VRtex avatar was bought and not ripped.


Want to create VRtex software?

  • Please email your resume and any accomplishments you would like to highlight.

  • High Priority: Full stack dev, C#, Unity, VR applications

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