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VRtex Studios

Avatar. Creation. Made. Simple.

We want to connect people from across the globe through virtual reality. To do that they need clothes.

Needs to be easy.

Needs to look beautiful.

We make avatar creation as simple as a click by connecting users to our marketplace, so it's just like shopping online for clothes. We keep our avatars beautiful by allowing the best creators in the industry to fill our online marketplace. 

"I loved the fact I could make my own avatar and I could do it myself."

People want to express themselves but before VRtex it was just to hard.


Beautiful Avatars



Custom avatar made by Nessy, One of our best early creators.
Creation time - 7 days


VRtex Studios

Custom avatar made in VRtex studios software.
Creation Time - 12 min



Avatar was custom-made by Crabman, one of our best early creators.
Creation time - 14 days

About us

Virtual reality is a better way to communicate with people all around the world. Connecting cultures, ideas, and empowering people to meet someone new! The first step, just like in real life, is looking your best. Currently, to make an avatar you have to learn multiple 3D design software such as Blender, Unity, and Substance Painter. 

A Perfect Creative Experience

Create whatever you can imagine.

Work with us

We are currently looking for new talent to revolutionize communication with us!

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